Accuracy Mattisse Deluxe

Quality, technology and sound

We’ve taken an Mattisse, we’ve given it a harmonious top of the highest quality and we’ve put together each set of pickups and the three-band circuitry with active/passive selector so that this instrument is capable of producing an unbelievable range of sounds. Not content with just that, we have added parametric mids so that you can scan all the frequencies to quickly find the one you want instead of limiting ourselves to the usual mid-range cutout. And, to make it even better, we’ve added effects of the highest quality within the instrument which can be selected at will to make it even more versatile. The result is the MATISSE DELUXE, a spectacular bass for the more demanding bass player.


Scale 34"
Frets 24
Neck Deluxe
Body Can be choosen between:
- Swamp ash
- American red alder
- European alder
- Mahogany
- Black limba
- Embero (african walnut)
Top Can be choosen between:
- Quilted maple
- Flamed maple
- Spalted maple
- Poplar Burl
- Redwood
- Myrtle

Other tops: ask
Fretboard Can be choosen between:
- Maple
- Indian Rosewood
- Pauferro
- Ebony

Other fretboard, ask
Pickups Accuracy Split Coil Custom Shop with wood cover (same as top)
Electronics Accuracy electronics:
- 3 band
- Mids Cut boost 500/1000
- Active/pasive switch

Parametric mids: ask
Hardware Black
Price from € 2,900
Accuracy Mattisse Deluxe Accuracy Mattisse Deluxe


from € 2,900

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