Accuracy Miró Standard

The sound of innovation

Trendy look, design and quality are the three big features that define this sensational-looking bass. Its three-band circuitry with mid-range cutout, active/passive selector and pickups (both handmade by Accuracy Basses) give this model a wide range of tone – perfect for a musician who is looking for quality and versatility. Its body is perfectly balanced and its comfortable neck guarantees a low action which is comfortable to play at all times. Its clever design belies its light weight so that it can be played for hours without the player tiring, and the choice of various woods for the neck, body and its fretboard means that the bass can be adapted to the taste and specifications of any musician.


Scale 34" or 35"
Frets 24
Neck Set In

Neck-thru opcion ask
Body Can be choosen between:
- Swamp ash
- American red alder
- European alder
- Mahogany
- Black limba
- Embero (african walnut)

Other body, ask
Top Can be choosen between:
- Quilted maple
- Flamed maple

Other tops: ask
Fretboard Can be choosen between:
- Maple
- Indian Rosewood
- Pauferro

Other fretboard, ask
Pickups Accuracy Split Coil

Accuracy Humbuckers, ask
Electronics Accuracy electronics:
- 3 band
- Mids Cut boost 500/1000
- Active/pasive switch
Hardware Black or Chromed.

Golden, ask
Price from € 2,100
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from € 2,100

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